Thursday, July 17, 2014

Midterm Report

Hoodwink’d                       by cj hood
Midterm Report
I have to apologize in advance my fellow Buntamaniacs.  This edition of Hoodwink’d will not spit fire like yesterday’s Wriz Wednesday piece…oh wait.  Anywho, the All Star break is just about over so let’s assess our Phightans (or lack thereof) before they kick off the second half in Atlanta on Friday.
Chooch:  C-  He had a good May, but got hurt.  I wouldn’t mind if he was moved.

Cody Asche:  B-  Also saw the DL, but I like this kid.  Needs to work on his D.
J*Roll:  B  I thought he’d mail it in after breaking Schmidt’s record, but I was wrong.  Like Stella, he got his groove back and he seems more pissed off when he’s not doing well.  He’s gotta ‘new attitude’ like Philly’s own Patti Labelle and I like it!
Chase:  A   He’s the man and a Phillie for life.  Don’t trade him and stop asking him about being     traded. Trading Utley would be like trading a heart for 2 good thumbs.  Drop it bro!
D*Brown:  D  Send him back to Lehigh.  His game is about as reputable as Malaysian Airlines.
Sizemore: B?  Too early to grade, but I like what I see.  If Netfather Bill backs him then so do I!
Byrd:  A    I haven’t loved a bird this much since I hit puberty.  I’m gonna hate to see him go.
Ben Revere:  B   Only because you have the highest batting average on the team.  He still lacks some fundamentals though (ie  fielding & base running).
Bench:  C-  Mayberry & Gwynn Jr are ok.  The rest of them aren’t worth mentioning now that Frandsen  is gone.
Cole:  A-   I feel for you bro.  It’s like you own a record company and your biggest act is Leif Garret.  #zerohits
Lee:  B+   Last year’s Cole.  Hope he could bounce back from his injury.
AJ Burnett:  B    He’s seemed to come around after a few shaky starts.  Hope we could get some offense for him.
KK:  C   You’re the Dominic Brown of pitching.  I won’t be mad if he gets traded.
Buchanan:  B+  I like this guy! I don’t like him like DB29 likes the Real Housewives of New Jersey (He doesn’t read the blog anymore), but I think he’s going to be a great 4th or 5th starter for us.
Hernandez:  D+  (This grade exists…I got it in college)  Dude’s like KK with a nicer tan.  Not impressed.
Bullpen et al:  B+    Shaky start, but really came thru for a team with zero offense.  F’ Papelbon & can’t wait to see him leave. With names like Ken ‘My Angel is a Centerfold’ Giles Band &            Jeff(erson) ‘We Built this City on Rock N Roll’ Manship , this pen is bound to get more interesting.
And last, but definitely last…
Ryan Howard:  F-  You had 2 good years and got paid handsomely by a GM who has no business being a GM.  I cannot understand how in good conscience you can continue cashing your paycheck.  NFL players redo their contracts for the good of the team all the time.  Why can’t
 you?  I say cut him like the Eagles cut DeSean Jackson.  I know the circumstances are different, but F’ it…take the loss.  I recommended a $3 surcharge be added to all tickets so the fans could buy out his contract.  As long as Ryan Howard is a Phillie, this team will continue looking back at 2008 instead of focusing on the future.  The organization needs to show the fan base that they are serious about winning.  Getting rid of Howard is step one!!!
I predicted in April that the Phillies would cop the 2nd Wild Card.  That is obviously not going to happen, but there’s a slim chance that they could still win this division.  That of course depends on a gaggle of things coming together.  Time will tell I guess.  I hope they don’t shit the bed before Aug 22 cuz it’s their first annual Star Wars night and I’d really like to take the family to that game.  However, there’s no way I’m dropping a few hundred dollars to watch a team implode like the Death Star.  So may the force be with you and here’s hoping that Pap goes out like Jabba the Hutt.  Hey, we got new Phillies Bunts stickers in stock……let’s get ‘Bunted!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

MG4 Wrap-Up & the like

Hoodwink’d               by cj hood
MG4 Wrap-Up & the like
Another successful Phillies Bunts outing has passed and with World Cup type attendance it did not disappoint.  Meet & Greet IV: The Search for Diamond Girl definitely lived up to its hype because she was nowhere to be found.  Irregardless (not a real world) of an anemic ball club , surprise graduation parties & lack of Timmy ‘the leg’ cuisine: DB29, Wriz & myself entertained legions of ‘Buntamaniacs with cold beer& quick wit.  Like Adrock crooned in Professor Booty, ‘I’d like to thank the people for just showing up.’  So with that I’d like to give a shout out to our old friends as well as our new compadres.  Until we meet again at MGV….stay cool.
Now to the Phillies…
Dear Phillies:  It’s tough to write weekly blogs, generate hype on our FB page and attract new ‘Buntamaniacs when all you do is suck!!!  So start hitting the ball and win some games.
I’m going to make this short & sweet cuz it’s been beat like a comatose Mr. Ed.  THE PHILLIES CAN’T HIT!!!  That’s the main issue.  If 5 out of the nine could put the ball in play then they could easily overcome weak pitching and a sketchy bullpen. Everyone says Ruben needs to go (agreed) and we should sell.  Sell what?  We only have 2 guys who could hit: Utley & Byrd; no one wants Howard’s contract and we only have 2 pitchers and one of them is hurt.  So, sell Pap (DeFratus can close); Burnett, J*Roll (if he agrees) and Chooch (if anyone wants him), but only if you’re getting some offense in return.  If you’re not getting bats in return then you might as well keep the team you have.  Getting rid of Victorino, Pence, & Blanton hasn’t helped us put runs on the board.  So don’t sell just to sell…it’s stupid.  Moreover, I often wonder if we should have just paid Victorino & Werth and called it a day.  Although Vic has been hurt they’re a much better option than Brown, Revere, Mayberry et al. 
On a lighter note, Mike Schmidt got to meet me last weekend….lets get ‘bunted!!!

No Words

View From the Left Coast by a Lefty: Got No Words
Bill needs a hug
I sit here this Sunday staring at my screen, wondering where the words will come from. While most of you were at the Meet N Greet downing beers, I was doing laundry. While you were busy snapping pics and then going into the game, I was just getting home from the grocery store. I figured at least it was game time, just *MAYBE* it might be worth watching. But then, in 6th inning, the stream broke and I never got it back. No matter, the game ended with us losing 3-2 so I missed nada. Why does this make sense?
As this season has worn on it was pretty much the same roller coaster as last year. Win a few, lose a few more, rinse and repeat. 2 weeks ago I had a glimmer of hope, sweep ATL @ ATL then win the first two in STL. I allowed myself to start thinking cool, Cliff will be back soon and Asche is hot. Then reality set in... lose 8 of the next 10 and get swept 4 at home by ATL. This season is just about over in Philly and I can't get by that thought. So this piece may well be my swan song.
Before you throw things at me, let me say the Phillies are my team now until I die. They have been since 1958. But after 56 years I've seen the entire gamut with them. My only regret is never seeing them in a World Series game. After today, I have to wonder if I'm going to live long enough to see them in another World Series, because the prospects appear dim at the moment. We are old, slow, and rangeless in the field. At the plate.... BAH HUMBUG! Howard has been up 97 times with runners in scoring position and is batting a cool .232. This inspires greatness NOT. Rollins, since passing Schmidt for the all time lead, has returned to king of the popup. Even Utley, after April he can't be hitting more than .260 because he's barely at .290 now. Don't get me wrong, he should still be the all star 2B and always gives 110%. But people, without these guys in their heyday, and role players like we *USED* to have, we are exactly where we belong... at the bottom of the division. The farm is pretty much bare, with one of the brighter hopes leaving baseball apparently because of his mental state. Seriously where do we go from here? It's getting more difficult to watch them every day, even without streams breaking mid game.
Wriz and CJ, I apologize for lack of production this year. It's just that for every slight glimmer we see, it's followed by a deep dark storm of insanity... both on the field and in the front office. Even the most novice fan can see we're fuct with our pants up, the worst possible way. I don't know if or when I may be able to write another piece of substance again this season. It's gonna take a big turn of events for that to happen, and at this moment I have no more words either way.
                                                                Bill S aka/netfather
Bet Howard doesn't need Bill to hit that!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hoodwink'd  by cj hood

Top 10 Reasons to go to Meet & Greet IV: The Search for DiamondGirl

10. Phils swept the Braves in Atlanta last week. So the chances of them probably winning are pretty good.
9. Asche's back!
8. Games for the kids including 'Pin the beard on the Wriz'
7. Oily Sausage
6.  Dom 'former All Star' Brown jersey giveaway.
5. Live entertainment from DB29 (His impression of a Bunts blogger is spot on).
4. CB Park anticipates at least 2500 fans on Sunday so there'll be plenty of leg room.
3. The first 100 Buntamaniacs to show up to the K lot @ the Linc get a free 8x10 glossy of CJ Hood.
2. Timmy 'the leg's' cooking!
1. Robin won't be there!!!

See you kids on Sunday...let's get 'bunted!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Formal Affair

Hoodwink’d  by cj hood
A Formal Affair Part I 

What up kids?  BREAKING NEWS:  Our team blows!  But I’m not one to yell, curse and kick the dog over this pathetic excuse for a ball club.  Instead, I light a candle, put on some slow muzac and put my anger onto the pages of my marble notepad.  Like Chuck D of Public Enemy once crooned, ‘When I get mad, I put it down on a pad…give you something that you never had.’  So based on that shiz, I’ve decided to class this blog up and share with you some of the tasteful pieces I’ve penned while watching this atrocity.  I’m a start it off with a funky-ass haiku…

I don’t know this team
Who the hell is Reid Brignac?
Sounds like a porn name


Ode to Chase:
Without Chase
we’d have no wins.
No heart on the team.
No team.
No heart.


There once was a man named Amaro,
who lived for today, not tomorrow.
He mortgaged the farm,
gave out contracts that harmed,
And now the city just sulks in its sorrow.


Pop up, pop up, pop
Ben Revere can’t bunt for shit
Take a lead off third


B is for the Balls every first batter gets
A is for your Ass that children try to pet
S is for the Strikes I think you had a few
T is for the Times you threw at batters shoes
A is also for your Ass cuz it’s big as hell
R is for the Runs you produce like Taco Bell
D is for Down Lehigh Valley that you have to go
O is for On as in ‘get back on the drugs bro’

I’ll be performing at Philly’s Phunniest Contest at Helium ( 2031 Sansom St., Philly) on Sun; June 22nd @ 10pm.  Round 1 winners are determined by the audience so I need your support.  I have a few free tickets left…get at me thru Facebook.  Otherwise, tickets are 2 for the price of 1 (tickets are $10).  Please call the box office at 215-496-9001 to make a reservation.  Make sure you mention my name (cj hood) to receive the discount.  I’m funnier than the Phillies defense…let’s get ‘bunted!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trout Season


As if I needed a reminder on how far the Phillies have fallen since their glorious run from ’07 to ’11, I realized I was looking forward to yesterday’s game more so than any other game I’ve attended the past year and a half and it had nothing to do with the Phillies whatsoever.

For the first time since bursting on the MLB scene Mike Trout was “coming home.” It’s not like I was one of the legions in attendance rocking an Angels cap or a Trout shirsey. I just wanted to see him play. Live and in person. I’m sure even if you had no idea who he was a week ago you know now. Trout grew up in Millville NJ And in his only 2 full ML seasons finished second in the AL MVP voting twice. He finished behind a guy who won the Triple Crown and still managed 5 first place votes. He’s the one that’s making people say “Bryce Who?”  The fact he’s local really had only a small influence. Simple said, Trout is the games present and future.

My only fear heading down was that Trout would be given the day off after the night game on Tues, you know, because that’s my luck. I went to see Ken Griffey Jr when he first came to the Reds. The Phillies sucked ass that year (finished with 65 wins) but managed to throw up a 6 spot in the first and before you knew it, it was 9-0 and Griffey was out of the game in the 4th inning. But as I headed towards the gate with former Bunts staffer DB29,  I could hear Dan Baker announcing he starting lineup and Trout was playing. He has a pretty mediocre series 2-9 but did have a triple that I got to witness his speed rounding the bases. I thought for a second he might test noodle arm Revere but no dice. But it still beat watching Ryan Howard have one of the worst AB’s I’ve ever seen in my life. He swung and missed for strike 2 and wasn’t even within a foot of the ball. He shoulda saved face and taken strike 3 but decided it be better it miss that one by a foot and a half.

I can now add Trout to the list of the many great players I’ve seen over the years and I can go back to begrudgingly going to the Phillies games just for the love of the game not because I’m expecting a win.

See ya at the ballpark!

Jay Wrizight

No REAL Philly kid would peddle this garbage!

Monday, May 12, 2014


  View From the Left Coast by a Lefty: Disappointed          
Through Sunday, 5/11, Mother's Day, I pretty much still don't know how to take this team. Physically, everyone seems to be ok. I am duly impressed with Rollins and Utley and have no issue with the play of either. While Howard also seems healthy I AM disappointed in his play a bit. The best way to describe him is inconsistent. Maybe that gets you Howard freaks off my ass, but I expect more. I know he's capable of MUCH more... if only the Phillies had a batting coach who was worth a shit. Yes, his hustle yesterday was noteworthy, but that eyelash play at first with E Young Jr could have been averted with 1) Asche not crow hopping and 2) Howard giving a full stretch. The man makes $25Mil/year, he is fair game and I don't care what happened last year. There are too many days in between "good games" and I don't mean 4 hits etc. In 34 games he is hitting .256 with 7HR and 21 rbi. Hardly MVP or $25MIL numbers either. Doesn't even equate to 100rbi/yr.
Shhh! Maybe no one will notice my stats
That's not all. As stated Utley(.333, way down from .486) and Rollins .274 no issues, performing as well as could be asked to. Same for Chooch at .279. Cody Asche is coming back from the dead, back up to .240 from just over .100 a month ago. Marlon Byrd has been steady all year between .275 and .300, thank god for him. Brown is back to pre 2013 numbers at .234 with 1 HR. Plus,

he is an average fielder with an average arm. I love Revere to death, but there is no defensive position for a spaghetti arm outfielder unless he hits .450 with 70 steals a year. All of this backs up their record at 17-19. Color me disappointed.
Gwynn is showing why he didn't play least year. Nix... meh nuff said. Mayberry .143, SMH. At least Nieves is earning his keep. I see nothing to make me excited for warm weather. Even given Howard's history of a slow start, nothing points to a possible 10 game winning streak anywhere in the lineup. I see .500 wherever I look realistically, although the talent level should dictate more and recently there have been signs of progress.
Lest we forget pitching.... Cliff has mostly been an ace. Burnett, even with his physical status, has exceeded expectations. Cole has shown signs of possibly being a top of the rotation guy lately, even though he mostly hasn't done shit since he hit the lottery excluding today's game. Kendrick has teased us with both good and bad, just like 2 years ago. Fausto has surprised me, even being up and down. And herein lies the problem... bullpen. Ryno has very few guys he can trust. Adams is a bust, Diekman can't throw strikes. Bastardo same, and when he does he sometimes get lit up. And those are the best. Papelbum gets a pass after coming back strong from his first outing. The rest of the pen is "who dat" and bleh.
I so wanted this piece to be positive after my last one. Certain points in the last week or two had me hopeful. Now I can best describe the season as disappointed, and not looking like anything better than last year. I'm getting too old to be looking at what I see and not being happy. If history holds my kids will be my age before we win another World Series unless big changes are made. Who's going to make them is the biggest question, and one I cannot answer.
                                                Bill S aka/netfather