Wednesday, April 16, 2014



I’ve always said the being a MLB closer is the most misunderstood job in sports. The job definition is easy. You take the mound, get outs and your team wins. It’s not any easy proposition. Closers, for the most part, don’t get the benefit of being put in a beneficial situation like the rest of the bullpen. They face whoever’s sent to the batters box. They’re typically “a little off” but I guess it comes with wanting to be the man in a do or lose situation all the time.

It goes beyond that. Being a closer doesn’t lend itself well to statistics especially when you have a bad game or two. He comes in gives up a bloop hit and then a home run it could take weeks for his ERA and WHIP to just look pedestrian again especially this early in the season.

I had thought about writing this piece last week, but it just felt better to make CJ Hood wait. I figured I missed my opportunity. Then, Paps is given the night off after 3 straight days of work. Jake Diekman loads the bases and blows the save when he serves up a grand salami to Dan Uggla. Phillies fans torture was compounded by the fact the team scored 5 in the 8th to take the lead. Obviously from twitter and Facebook feeds the loss is on Papelbon because he didn’t pitch. GTFO! I love people saying he makes 14 million blah blah blah. I don’t know about you but I’d rather have him on the mound come September (if Lord willing, the Phillies are still in contention) than to have to find out if Diekman or Hollands or whoever is capable then.

Papelbon looked like dog shit in the one game he blew a save verse Texas, but it was ONE game. In his other appearances, he has 5IP no earned runs, one hit and one walk. I know he blew a bunch last year. Yeah, Yeah. He had 7 blown saves last year. You know who else had 7 last year? Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer of all time. Paps was also dealing with a hip injury. An injury he went out and battled thru until the offseason even though in reality it was over in August.

Call me a Papelbon apologist if you want, but for as goofy and as dim witted as he comes off, I don’t think there is anyone on this team except Utley who wants to win more.
See ya at the ballpark!
Jay Wrizight

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Report Card

Hoodwink’d by cj hood
Report Card
Kool Moe Dee used to grade other rap acts on the back of his albums back in the day.  Hence, the line from Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic, ‘Got an A from Moe Dee for sticking to themes.’  Piggybacking on that, I’ve decided to gradRyno and his club for their first week of work. Check it!
Offense:  B+
The Phightans are finally scoring runs.  Chase is reppin’ hard, Howard is hitting off of lefties (although still striking out…A LOT!) & J*Roll quieted down his critics (for the time being)with a Slam on OD.  Moreover, the bench came thru as well ie Mayberry.  However, they couldn’cut Sunday’s deficit in half and finished Week 1 with a .500 record.  Irregardless (not a real word), this is a promising start and feel we’ll score more runs this year than previously thought.  However, the latter hinges on the health of this aging team.
Defense: B
Chooch had a nice catch in the ‘Windy City’ & Byrd had 2 really great grabs as well. So, this grade should have been the highest on the card.  However, with a few errors in Chicago including Revere’s debacle in center yesterday, this grade slid to a B.
Starting Pitching: B
Lee was shaky on Opening Day, but got the win & came back hard in Chicago.  KK was ‘dependable KK’ and did his thing.  Roberto Hernandez bka Enrico Palazzo looked great!  AJ Burnett was decent in Texas and horrendous in Chicago.  He looked like the Burnett of old that New York put on subway headed south to Pittsburgh.  We would have been better off with Carol Burnett yesterday.  I think AJ’s going to be the weak link in the chain this year.  Plus, he’s the reason I lost my first Fantasy matchup on the last day of competition.  F’ him & Darvish!
Bullpen: B-
PapelblownPapelbomb, the screen door on Dorothy Gail’s house ‘closed better.’ We’ve heard all the jokes and they’re pretty much spot on.  The only thing moving more than 90mph with Jonathan is his mouth.  Put some movement on the ball son!  The rest of the pen is holding it down and they’re making a fraction of what you’re getting paid!!!
Ryno:  B
Shaking up the lineup & interesting bullpen moves have made Ryne more unpredictable than his predecessor.  Cholly would never put Chooch in the 2 hole even when he was all hopped up on pills.  He lost his first challenge and the .500 record speaks for itself, but I’m remaining optimistic.  Sandberg’s no-nonsense attitude and willing to switch things up will keep this complacent team on it’s toes.  I was leaning towards a B+ here, but I want to see how Week 2 goes first.
Overall:  B
I don’t think this team is going to be the ‘doom & gloom’ that everyone thought they’d be.  If they stay healthy, I think they could make the 2nd Wild Card…ya, I said it!  This will only happen if they continue to score more than 3 runs per game. I’m putting the 2014 Phillies at 87 wins.  Tell me where I’m wrong?  Come at me bro and let’s get ‘bunted!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Color Me Hopeful

              View from the Left Coast by a Lefty: Color Me Hopeful
After CJ's post last week, I knew I couldn't come close to what he wrote. That one alone should get him Bunter of the Year 14. Besides, being so far away all I get is box scores until the season starts so that brings me to the end of Week One. Right now, we are

3-3. That is pretty much my expectations of this team this year. None of this they should be 5-1, talkin bout what is. Having a chance to see them a couple times this week I see things I like and shit I hate.
Let's start with the batting order:
Revere CF - no complaints, I love the man. Picking up where he left off, always giving 110%, thumbs up.
Rollins SS - forget spring training, Jimmy is as Jimmy does, and he does well so far. No complaints at all... did I really say that?
Utley 2B - A+, he is the man. Gives 110% as usual, so far so good.
Howard 1B - yes he is hitting, but the way he's started I still see 175-200 K's. I still want 2 weeks with him to tweak his stance and straighten him out.
Byrd RF - good acquisition, he will outplay my expectations of him. Overpaid a tad but I can live with it.
Brown LF - so far so good as well. He's guessing well to start, the HR's will come. Don't press. But whoever said he has a good arm is full of shit. Average fielder.
Chooch C - as expected will not disappoint. Almost wanted to see him in 2nd spot but don't think he can handle it. Always 110% again, good signing.
Asche 3B - a letdown so far, I can see him pressing already even though he's the starter. I love him as well but if he doesn't wake up soon gimme Franco.
As a core group Rollins, Utley, and Howard ok but remember, we're only 6 games in. Health is a whole nuther ballgame and cannot be predicted.
Bench - I like Nix over Frandsen, Mayberry solid so far, Hernandez will shine in next year or two, Gwynne is tolerable for now, Nieves I believe is an upgrade over Kratz
Cliffy - Ace
Burnett - good signing, a tad overpaid, but necessary
Cole - the X factor, our hopes ride on him
KK - still after all these years an enigma. Flip a coin as to which KK starts a game.
Fausto Carmona - yes to me he is Carmona, if only he can pitch like Fausto did.
The Cuban Fucker they signed - total wild card, no clue at this point. Why can't Cuba just let their players go when they don't want to be there?
Manship - wow could he give us a lift... if only
Wildcard for me so far. Unfortunately this has been a main problem for years. I like Lincoln, Hollands, Diekman, and De Fratus. Bastardo stil scares me. Papelbum is a POS and needs to go. Rosenberg is a step below Papelbum.
For a change this year I have no problems with base coaches or the hitting coach. Ryno and Bowa can and should do good things for this team. Just one man's opinion lol.
Don't know what else to tell you. 1 week is hardly a sample to make a seasonal decision on. But for my money I swear by the above. But what the hell do I know, I live across the country and am old school... which is why I trust Ryno. Yeah yeah, I can hear all of you lol.
Lastly, as it appears right now I won't be coming home this year for the MNG4. Fucking plane tix are through the roof. Only way for me to make it is win the powerball... which we all know will happen right after I give birth to triplets. So carry on for me, bitch at high speed to RAJ. Speaking of him, if the core of Utley, Rollins, and Howard were to go back to 2008 stats and we make the playoffs, imagine how hard it will be to get rid of RAJ then.
                                                Bill S aka/netfather

Sunday, March 30, 2014

'Twas the Night Before Opening Day '14

‘Twas the night before Opening Day, when all through the park
Not a creature was stirring, not even a lark;
The bats were hung by the helmets with care,
In hopes that the Phillies soon would be there;
The fans were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of a parade danced in their heads;
Mom in her Utley jersey, and I in my cap,
Had just settled down for a long Spring nap,
When out on the field there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away to Citizen’s Bank I flew like a flash,
Tore up 476 and almost near crashed.
Phillies Bunts staff was blogging like there was no tomorrow
While Mets fans drank Piels; drowning their sorrows,
When, my wondering eyes saw the mound and the bases,
A huge jumbotron, a Chooch and three aces,
With a Hall of Fame coach, so lively and kind,
I knew in a moment it must have been Ryne.
More rapid than the Eagles his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;
“Now, Hamels! Now, AJ! Now, Kendrick and Lee!
On, Howard! On Rollins! And a healthy Utley!”
From the dugout! To the top of the wall!
They dashed away! Dashed away! Dashed away all!”
As dirt kicked up before the wild hurricanes flew,
With mitts in their hands, and Papelbon too.
Moyer and Stairs were calling the game
Boy we miss Harry; Oh! What a shame,
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Lee with his game scruff took to the mound.
He was dressed in a throwback, from his head to his foot,
And the strength of his arm could throw a shot put;
McCann’s now in New YorkUggla’s straight up dirt
The tomahawk is played out; all your pitchers are hurt
Three up and three down as Chooch made the calls!
Two strike-outs, a pop-out, and only one ball!
Around the league all the teams were conspiring
Braun is still juicing and Jeter’s retiring
Gnats fans went to games did not even care,
What about Miami? They still play baseball there?
Don’t sweat the Rangers, their pitching staff’s poo
Fielder is fat; F’ Beltre and Choo 
Brown hit homeruns, Revere did his thing,
Howard is back...the RBI king!!!
Chooch is back on the pills; this should be fun.
And Cole Hamels received his first ever Cy Young.
Spring Training was rough; could not get much worser
Ruff hurt his ribs and Galvis got MRSA.
Still the Phightans fried teams just like pancake batter,
Who we met in October did not even matter;
We took out the brooms; got them in four,
World Fuckin’ Champs, the Phillies once more.
Can’t wait til tomorrow; dress warm cuz it’s freezing,
“Good Luck Philadelphia, and to the fans a great-season.”

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Amaro, Amaro, I hate you Amaro!

Hoodwink’d ​​by cj hood
Amaro, Amaro, I hate you Amaro!

Yo yo yo Buntamaniacs! I wanted to give you a sneak peak of my brand new hit off of Phillies Bunts Records before it blows up on iTunes. ‘Amaro Needs to be Fired’ is sure to go triple platinum before Ryan Howard is out for the season. So click the Piano’s Man original version below and sing along with my lyrics. My version fits perfectly…believe me…I slaved over it all weekend. So, f’ Amaro and let’s get bunted!!!

"Amaro Needs to be Fired”

Delmon Young, Mini Mart, Laynce Nix, just to start
Lou Castillo, Danys Baez, guys that were question marks
Dontrell Willis, Chad Qualls, John McDonald, Michael Young
Thome again, Abreu again, Senior Citizens Bank Park

JC Romero, Polanco, Roy Oswalt
we lost, Brandon Moss, Quintin Berry, Vogelsong how absurd
Got Pence, lost Pence, Howard’s got a new deal
lost Werth, lost Shane, in exchange for Marlon Byrd

Amaro needs to be fired
Sucks like a deer tick
Ride the tails of Gillick
Amaro needs to be fired
The fans don’t like it
So we try to fight it

Pitching wins, no it doesn’t, remember the season that really wasn’t
2 more years of Ryan Howard, what a f’in crock
JA Happ, Dave Herndon, Worley, Mathieson
RAJ not qualified to wash the team’s jocks
now it’s twenty fourteen and still don’t have a winning team
Wilson Valdez, Ross Gload, Brian Schneider, all comode
Perez, Sardinha, Bowker, De Fratus
Bastardo’s hooked, Oswalt’s shook, Trouble in Clearwater
Amaro needs to be fired
Sucks like a deer tick
Ride the tails of Gillick
Amaro needs to be fired
The fans don’t like it
So we try to fight it

CJ Hood, Jay Wriz, Netfather, Bunt’s biz
Twitter, Facebook page, even gotta an Instragram
Twitter, Meet & Greet, all for Phillies baseball
a GM homicide is causing a fan suicide

Chad Durbin, Lannan, John McDonald, Pete Orr
Francisco, Castro, we all really hate you Rubes
Ezequiel Carrera, mucho dinero
Sarge out, Wheels to, T*Mac’s back with bigger boobs

Amaro needs to be fired
Sucks like a deer tick
Ride the tails of Gillick
Amaro needs to be fired
The fans don’t like it
So we try to fight it

J Horst, Joseph, minors in a major land
Get Lee, trade Lee, Nationals invasion
Heyward’s in Atlanta, Staton Marlinmania
Freeman, Uggla, are NL East beasts again

No blogs from 29, Kornhole and Diamond Girl
Cholly fired, in that way, what else do I have to say

Amaro needs to be fired
Sucks like a deer tick
Ride the tails of Gillick
Amaro needs to be fired
The fans don’t like it
So we try to fight it

Doc’s gone, AJ’s in, Chooch is on the pills again
Henderson, Ryno, Papp is a whine-o
Galvis out, Blanton souse, upheaval in the clubhouse
5K Wriz ran, theres no fans in the stands
Hamel’s hurt, Utley’s knees, on DL just cuz you sneezed
Howard’s wealthy, not healthy, ACL, not stealthy
J*Roll’s not in it anymore, lost the heart to lead and score
Ruff’s ribs, MRSA, I can't take it anymore

Amaro needs to be fired
Sucks like a deer tick
Ride the tails of Gillick
Amaro needs to be fired
Even when he’s gone
His moves will suck on and on and on and on
And on and on and on and on...

Amaro needs to be fired
Sucks like a deer tick
Ride the tails of Gillick
Amaro needs to be fired
The fans don’t like it
So we try to fight it

Amaro needs to be fired
Sucks like a deer tick
Ride the tails of Gillick
Amaro needs to be fired
The fans don’t like it
So we try to fight it

Amaro needs to be fired
Sucks like a deer tick
Ride the tails of Gillick
Amaro needs to be fired
The fans don’t like it
So we try to fight it

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring (t)Raining

I went into business for myself 4 and a half years ago. In fact it was the first time I even had 2 planned days off in a row. It was super stressful preparing to make sure my business was prepared for my absence but fuck it I was going to Spring Training for St Patrick’s Day no less!

 My big concern was that the trip was too short. Leave Sat & return on Tuesday. I worked on Saturday which meant a 2:30 am alarm. Luckily my man Dale, who would be filling in for me, worked with me. We zipped through the day and were done by 10. Two hours quicker than expected. Unfortunately, I needed the time to walk my boys and finish packing instead of taking a nap. Packing done, I dropped off my boys at Momma Wriz’s house and off to the airport. Finally, a vacation!

Now vacation hadn’t really started because I was beerless but we hit up the Chickie’s in the terminal to change all that. I know what your thinking but I would have loved to go elsewhere but the other “bar” had Coors Light, Miller Lite and Bud. Blah! So the thief got a bit of my money as I got the Victory Crabby Ale. After a few, we headed to the gate. The guy in front of us in line handed me 2 drink vouchers for the ride. Nice! He did the same for the guy in front of him but then the kid came clean and said he was underage. So rather than put them back in his wallet he said “Here’s 2 for the ride home.”  They came in handy as Southwest had Fat Tire cans as an in-flight option. Other than the old had who was asking the dumbest questions at the car rental counter and holding us up, our travel went on without a hitch.

We stayed at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa. The rooms were really nice but finding your way around was like fumbling thru a corn maze. By the time we found our room, I was good for nothing. And I’d rather have gotten a good nights rest as our trip package included “Brunch with the Broadcasters” the next morning. I heard grumblings that the weather was going to rain on March 17. The news said 80% chance. No big deal, it rains all the time in Florida.

I woke up with plenty of time to get the brunch over at Bright House Field in our rent-a-car, just not in our rent-a-car that was dead. WTF?!?!?!!  The problem with having a dead battery at a hotel is that everyone that walks by has a rental and no cables, so I ran down to the lobby and BINGO! They have cables, but have no idea where they are. Fortunately, the hotel grounds crew had cables and helped us out. On our way, we got there a half hour late. They were going through the stadium giveaways, so we grabbed a mimosa and a plate and ate in the other room. Paul Hagen from the Daily News passed thru and said hello so that was cooler than seeing the Phanatic sunglasses anyway. A lady handed me my raffle ticket which I thought they’d give some of the freebees away.  Matt Stairs, Murph and TMac talked for a bit and then answered a few questions from the fans. All pretty generic except when Stairs said he “didn’t make enough to play everyday” He tried to save himself but the laughter just helped him drown. Then the raffle. Scott Palmer encouraged everyone to get out their tickets as the first prize was an autographed Chase Utley ball. “8-8-3-9-ohhhh-“  For fucks sakes just let it be 3 already! “Three!” BOOM! I won. Made being late worth it. The broadcaster stuck around a bit to talk, take pictures, and sign autographs.

We were able to go into the stadium and walk around and take pictures which was nice especially since we hit up the store before the crowds came in. It got mobbed once the gates opened. The day was nice bright and sunny. A tad windy but a welcome exchange for the freezing cold and snow of Philadelphia.  We stopped by the Tiki Bar before the game for some beers before heading to our seats for the game. We had great seats 12 rows behind the plate. I’ve never really considered Spring Training baseball the same as MLB but its great to hear the crack of the bat, pop of the mitt and the crowd roar again especially in the midst of this dreadful winter.

After the game, we hit up the Brown Boxer for dinner. It was a good place with a nice craft beer selection and pretty good food. Later, we hit up a couple of local bars in Safety Harbor BarFly and Nolan’s Pub. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Jon Taffer walked in either one. Both had good beer selections tho. At least Barfly had glassware. By the time we got back to the hotel the chance of rain for Monday had gotten to 90% and pretty much said it was going to be a washout.

Monday! St. Patrick’s Day. It wasn’t raining but the news was now calling for 100% chance of rain and a tornado watch. We took our time in getting ready hoping they’d just cancel the game, but about 11 we bit the bullet and headed over. By this time the heavy downpours had started. I suspected that they wouldn’t call the game about 2 so they could salvage whatever concession money they could. We went out to the Tiki Bar and between the wind and lack of cover getting soaked was inevitable. Worse yet, they didn’t have Guinness.  We braved it for a while but headed for shelter in the concourse. Of course we stopped at the Beers of the World stand for a Harp and a Guinness. I was able to catch up with an old friend and the nearby Victory Beer stand had Summer Love on tap. I saw one of the beer vendors from Citizens Bank Park doing his thing with a bucket of Lites. He said normally he could pay his rent for his 6 week stay with what he makes on March 17th but not this time. It wasn’t long before the “boos” rang out as they announced the game was cancelled.

Now what to do? We went back to the hotel but the indoor pools and Jacuzzi were off limits because of the lightning. We headed down to Nolan’s but they were closed. What kind of Irish bar doesn’t open until 5 on St Patrick’s Day?  Oh well, we grabbed a bite to eat and went there later. It wasn’t much better. Their entertainment was a guy with a guitar playing cover songs. He barely managed to squeeze in a U2 song. Meh. The fact they had a scantily dressed female leprechaun kinda made it worth it.

Tuesday morning, we went to Lenny’s. I’ve always heard it’s the place to go for breakfast in Clearwater. It was packed, but not much of a wait to get seated. There was a plethora of Phillies hats, shirts and jerseys amongst the patrons. You’d think you were in Philly. The food was great and the service was even better. It’s definitely a “must” if you go down.

One last stop before we hit the airport, Cigar City is a microbrew in Tampa. I’ve had a few of their beers before so I was glad to be able to make it there. No tours on Tuesdays but their tasting room was open so that was fine by me. They had 20 or so of their beers on tap and a few from other breweries. It was a good stop so good I was worried about them letting me on the plane. LOL

A quick stop at another airport bar and we headed back to Philly. Overall, it was a good trip. Expectations may have been unrealistic but it was totally worthwhile. I can’t wait for next year. Hit me up if you have any questions.

See ya at the ballpark (in Philly)!

Jay Wrizight 

Monday, February 3, 2014

And begin…

And begin…

Well kids, the Super Bowl is over.  Pete Carroll is the 3rd college coach to cop the big win.  Next year it’ll be 4 coaches when Chip Kelly flies the Eagles to their very first title. Since football is over that means baseball season has officially begun….at least for me anyway.  I don’t watch hockey & haven’t watched the NBA since Jeff Van Gundy grabbed Alonzo Mourning’s leg and jazzed up his comb-over (I’m a Knicks fan).  So now it’s time to focus our attention to Clearwater and anticipate the most pivotal season the Phillies have had during the Citizens Bank Park era.  It’ll almost be like watching the final season of your favorite TV show cuz next year Henry Winkler won’t be the Fonz, but some old Jewish guy pitching reverse mortgages.  So sit back, relax & loosen your belt you Super Bowl party foodies & enjoy my pre-pre-season piece.



What can I say about the 2014 Phillies that hasn’t been said on our Facebook page already?  The media outside of Philly has written us off years ago and long gone are the fair-weather fans of a few years back.  That means there’s only 597 of us left (hopefully 600 by the time this goes to blog).  Some of us are excited & optimistic while the rest of us are a little more realistic & pissed off.  We can all agree on the shitty job RAJ has done.  He wasted mad cash on a clean-up hitter who’s been MIA for the greater part of 2 seasons & a pitching staff that hasn’t gotten us far into the post season.  We’ve gone from 5 aces to 2 aces & a 3, 4, 5 all off suit.  Now, that’s a hand worth folding. I have faith in Cole & Lee until July when it’ll just be Cole.  But that won’t be enough to get us to the post season.  I am interested and a little excited to see what Cuban export Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez could do.  However, I’d be more excited if CB Park instituted a ‘Cuban cigar giveaway’ in honor of his debut.  So that leaves us with 2 1/2 solid pitchers and KK at least til July.  AJ Burnett’s available…I don’t want him!  But let’s be honest, he’d definitely fit in to our mantra as of late:  “Philly is the last place ball players go before they retire.”  The bullpen came on strong at the end which is nice.  Bastardo’s back, drug-free, with a bloated paycheck that has become the norm for this organization.  If Bastardo & Adams could rebound & Papelblown gets his act together this piece of the puzzle should not be as a big of a question mark as years past.


There are always exceptions to the rule that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  There have been older athletes that have had great years just at the time everyone thought they should have already hung it up.  However, when your team is full of these ‘old dogs’ it doesn’t leave much hope.  The last 2 seasons our offense has been offensive. Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results.  That is where the ‘14 Phillies are at right now.  The scenario that would need to play out is: Chase staying the course he was on last year, Chooch to pick up where he left off at the end of last season & (prodigal son) Marlon Byrd to do what he did in NY & Pittsburgh at the 5 spot for us.  I really like Revere and think him & Asche will both have solid seasons.  I feel that D*Brown outkicked his coverage last year and his homerun production will be a shell of what it was in ‘13.  However, if the final piece (the Big Piece) doesn’t come thru yet again this will all be for naught.  You all know my disdain for Howard (the player not the person…actually the contract), hell he even blocked me on Twitter.  So it should come as no surprise to my fellow ‘Buntamaniacs when I say that I’m expecting zilch from Howard this season.  As a result of the latter, I think it’ll be more of the same in 2014.


We all cried last year when Cholly got the boot and I’m sure we’re all pleased he’s back as the ‘assistant to the traveling secretary.’  I wanted to hate Sandberg, but found it difficult when we started winning.  I loved the fact that he gave J*Roll a must needed kick in the behind.  I think Ryno is better equipped to handle these vets than Cholly was which leaves us with some glimmer of hope.  A lot of things need to fall into place in order for the Phillies to reach the post season in 2014.  I think the Gnats are the team to beat, but we can definitely give them a run for their money.  I’ll be back in a month or so with my pre-season blog, info about our new Phillies Bunts tshirts & some Meet & Greet IV chatter.  Until then…let’s get ‘bunted!